CES Kitchens Offer Quality Survey & Design Services in Caerphilly, Cardiff

Expert Survey & Design Services in Caerphilly

Caerphilly Kitchens has more than 25 years of experience in electrical wiring, fire alarm systems, and security systems. CES Kitchens deals with designing, installations, fitting, and wiring of a kitchen from start to finish. We undertake that each work would have personal and unique designs, in line with the customer requirements. The office of CES Kitchens is located in Cardiff, and we offer our services in all the nearby areas.

Our Specialists Provide Quality Workmanship with all our Services

Our experts at CES Kitchens, specialise in providing quality workmanship throughout all our projects. At Caerphilly Kitchens, we try to ensure that we build you the kitchen of your dreams. Starting from £1,500, we have a vast range of designs for you to choose from for your kitchen. Our team of dedicated and professional experts will discuss every aspect of the kitchen design with you and make sure everything is completed properly. We also offer design services for the kitchen. We can handle your kitchen from start to finish. However, if you only want us to undertake your kitchen installations, we are happy to do that as well.

CES Kitchens offer an Initial Survey to all our local customers

When you get in contact with CES Kitchens, we will first complete an inital survey. During this phase, we discuss the design and how to start the work. This would be the initial starting point for the project. Then we would conduct a superficial measurement of the work space and finally give you a free quote on the basis of our discussions and measurements, as well as your requirements.

We work with you, to Design & Install your Dream Kitchen

CES Kitchens work with our local customers to design and install their dream kitchen. After your acceptance, we can discuss the ideas in further details, implementing each step of the process carefully. We can take your personal and unique designs and lay out the project around it. Our commitment to engagement with the customer continues from the initial survey phase through the completion of the project. At every step of the way, CES Kitchens will work in tandem with the customer to design and install the dream kitchen.

Why you should choose CES Kitchens here in Caerphilly, Cardiff

At Caerphilly Kitchens, we strive to be the best. Our excellence, eye for detail, and experience go hand in hand with the imagination and creativity of our team. We believe in open communication with the customer at every stage, which helps us to keep you satisfied.